Cubase 11 cannot see MOTU ASIO audio drivers

I need help please.

Motu drivers are installed, tested, and working. The are in the sound panel of Windows 10 Control Panel as “Motu Pro Audio”, set as Default Device.

Other software are using the correct dirvers without problems. Even YouTube! But not Cubase 11. It uses “Generic Low Latency ASIO driver” - the ONLY driver showing up in the Audio Connections for Outputs. So Cubase 11 is sending the sound through the computer speakers, not the Audio InterFace!

I have rebooted and started the MOTU Pro Audio Control BEFORE firing up Cubase 11.

I am on the latest version of Windows 10, and use a Thunderbolt connection to the 828es.

How do I access the “Motu Pro Audio” Output from Cubase 11! Steinberg seems to be incompatible with Motu hardware!

Studio Setup is where you select the driver. Not where you’re looking. :slight_smile:

Oh thank goodness for that :wink: I’ll try again tomorrow, too late now. Beginners frustration :frowning: I have used MOTU hardware for a long time, but only recently started using Steinberg Cubase (and stopped using Cakewalk). Had no issues with either VSL or UVI, very straight forward. But a handfull of people asked a similar question re Steinberg on the MOTU forum over 2 years and there was no solution posted. Thanks anyway.