Cubase 11 can't export

i’m having some serious problems with my current project in cubase 11 atm.
i’m hoping someone here knows how to solve this.

i’ve been working for months on this huge (for me) project.
my pc is struggling to keep it running.
plus a while ago i had this project open, when there was a power failure.
after that (i think that’s when it started), i started having some random problems with the project.

some of the routings won’t work properly.
for example, i have a lot of drum tracks going to diferrent groups and in the end, all drums are routed to a mix drum group.
if i hit mute on the mix drum group, all drums are muted, just like they’re supposed to, but if i wanna unmute them, it’s not working, so i have to to that manually.

partly because of these problems and the fact the pc is on the limit of coping made me wanna export (audio mixdown) everything separately (including plugins and fx) into a new and empty project.
so i started to export everyting to wave files.

i started with the drums and then proceeded with the rest, one by one.
everything went accoarding to plan, until i got to the last instrument.
i can’t export the guitars.
i solo the guitars i wanna export, i check and listen, before exporting (selecting only the master out in the audio mixdown menu, just like i’ve done with all the other instruments) and everything sounds like it’s supposed to.
after the audio mixdown, i listen to the results and there is only silence.
the size of the wave file is normal, but it’s empty.
i’ve tried this at least 10 times now.
i can’t figure out what the problem is.
i’ve checked all the routings multiple times and they look alright to me.
any ideas at all?

i’m adding a screenshot of the routings if that helps.
so i’ve soloed the guitars i wanna export (and the groups).
4 tracks (to the right) are routed to a group called Elec Riffs2 Gr.
Elec Riffs2 Gr is routed to a group called Electric Gr.
Electric Gr is routed to a group called MIX GUITARS.
MIX GUITARS is routed to a group called MIX OUT.
MIX OUT is routed to the Master Out.

i’ve already tried 4 things that didn’t work:
1 - export in real time
2 - backup project
3 - import tracks from project (to a new and empty project)
4 - unfreeze tracks before exporting


What happens, of you try to export the specific bus? Have you tried Render in Place instead of Export?

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thank you soooo much for helping out!!

i exported all the separate instruments, by soloing the groups and tracks i wanted to export and in the audio mixdown menu, i always had only “master out” selected.
that worked great for everything, except for the guitars.
i don’t know why, but i’m assuming the routings got damaged somehow, by the power failure.

after reading you reply, i tried selecting multiple groups and tracks in the audio mixdown menu and it actually worked.
now back to work…