Cubase 11 - Can't Hide Channel Strip & Equalizer In Channel Settings

For many Cubase Veteran users, we only use 3rd party plugins. For these users, there is no need for the channel strip and equalizer within the channel settings “e” window. We’ve always been able to hide the channel strip and equalizer by resizing the “e” window to hide them. Now we can no longer resize the window and are forced into having an enormous channel settings window as opposed to a nice compact settings window. This greatly reduces our ability to accomplish other things while this giant settings window is open. Often times simply closing this settings window is not an option depending on what is being done. Please add back in the ability to resize the channel settings window, or even better, add the ability to hide the channel strip and equalizer within the “set up window layout” settings. This would GREATLY help free up space so we can work with the channel settings window open.




I have just added the Feature Request tag.

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Thank you, could you tell me how and where I might be able to do something like that myself as well? I have a few other things I spotted too

Click on the pencil next to the title of your post and from the tags dropdown list choose and add any additional tags.

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