Cubase 11 Chronic Problem: Looped Region & Cursor Position on Save/Open

Please Note: As far as I can tell, this is only happening with my most recent project, so I hope it’s not some .cpr corruption issue for those are impossible to correct. Perhaps some Preferences or Project file setting issue or ?

I just want to avoid this happening in the future – and try to fix this in this current project. Going back to .bak versions isn’t productive due to editing changes done.

I’ve gone through searches on this issue here but the solution (using the “F” key) does not solve this issue. Screenshots show:

  1. Where cursor is at time of saving project/exiting Cubase. At that time using Num 1 for start of loop and Num 2 for end, and Space to play within loop or anywhere else works as it should.

  1. Where cursor shows up – outside of the looped region - on re-opening the project, and hitting Space, it plays from that position. Num 1 does not set cursor where it should, and hitting Space constantly puts the cursor back to this odd position (old loop region not flushed out of Cubase?) and plays from there.

Eventually I do something that stops this behavior but as stated in screenshot, it’s hit and miss. And frustrating for I’ve never had this problem in version 6, SX-3 or SX-1.

This should NOT be happening. Software issue or some my-bad mistake, whatever the case, please advise. Thanks.


Cubase doesn’t save the cursor position with the project.

The Transport section is global.

Thanks for reply, and understood. However it doesn’t solve the problem - any idea what is causing this “jumping” around - or why the position saved is not kept once one opens the project again?


Do you open any project in-between? Or do you just close the project and reopen it, then the Cursor jumps?

I was only opening that .cpr for it’s my current project. But yesterday I opened another recent one just to check and it behaved correctly. Went back to current, not behaving. Then this morning, I opened up again, and for the first time as long as I can remember, it behaved. Will that last? I don’t know. I hope so…

BUT… no. Did a Backup of the project for it was saving recordings in original unrelated project folder, opened it, and acting the same (misbehaving). Frustrating.

OK, just noticed something that may be causing this. I had Arranger Track activated (orange icon in Inspector). Deactivated it and seems to have fixed this. For now.