Cubase 11 Color Intensity?

Am I wrong in thinking you cannot adjust color intensity in cubase 11?

I have checked Project Color Setup, Preferences and the Color drop down menu from the channels itself…no options with the old “increase color intensity” and “decrease color intensity” dropdown choices.

Correct. You cant and unfortunatley they have also choosen to limit the possible choices of colors and where to apply them.

Thanks Mikael for clearing that up.

It’s disappointing, I really liked brightening colors during day sessions then making them all soft hue for night. It helped quite a bit.
Hopefully a simple increase/decrease function can return.

Also: if anyone knows where I might download some premade color layouts (xml or whatever) please let me know.

Same here… I would like to see the project color management from (if I remember correctly) C8 brought back, where color satuation and contrast could be altered collectively.