Cubase 11 comprehensive lanes, rather than split up lanes (event order sensitive): NRPN correct management?

I found out quite humourously that NRPN lanes appear separately as if they were unrelated, whereas you MUST have NPRN MSB and NPRN LSB, then only, Cc06 + Cc38 (Data Entry MSB, LSB) be emitted in that order (register address before register new value). And of course, one would want to enter that in a single lane obviously.
Furthermore, events which appear at the SAME timestamp MUST come in the correct order. A matter which seems to be a regular issue in the MIDI event list, as if it weren’t important.
Two examples:

  1. The volume of my Novation Summit: sadly it doesn’t repond to Cc7 (Volume), but to NRPN (0, 43). Entering a ramp with Cc7 is somewhat straightforward if you omit to mentien that there’s no preview of the end values of the line segment. But, with Cc6, it’s horrible to interleave the NRPN register selections. I abandoned doing it altogether setting it before the first event and hoping that the synth would use the next Data entries (Cc6) for the same register (it did fortunately). Altogether, I just had to select all Cc7 events and rename them as Cc6 prepending the NRPN selection.
  2. If you have two simultaneous NRPN MIDI events to ramp, you’ll need to select each for each value of the ramp to interleave events exactly, no place for inaccuracy!
    NRPN MSB XA (e.g. volume)
    NRPN MSB XB (e.g. panning)
    NRPN MSB XA (e.g. volume)
    NRPN MSB XB (e.g. panning)
    and so on.
    Horrible if you have to enter it manually.
    By the way, with Cakewalk back in the days, it was possible to generate events with a scripts. Is there a way to generate MIDI events by program/script?
    Frankly, I find it a bit light that entering ramps is missing value preview, doesn’t manage NRPN Controls natively as it is a quasi immediate need with professional synths when you want to work precisely AND quickly. I don’t do ramps vaguely. When I want it to end at 64, it’s not 63 or 65.
    At the price I paid for the product, I would expect a professional tool with professionnal grade accuracy in editing, generating ramps for all kind of controls (even NRPN, which are just all over the place with most synths, if you need a MIDI implementation of any modern synth to convince you).
    More generally, is there a way to create custom lanes where one would choose exactly which events are generated in the MIDI event list and in what order and, furthermore, can guarantee that these events would appear uninterrupted by other events (glued together, like with the NRPN MSB+LSB, DATA ENTRY MSB+LSB example above). Where are macro controllers that allow controlling many things together, à la modulation matrix, with complex math functions? Like having a single lane to control volume and panning together because you have some special FX that needs it.
    Have I missed something? Could you do something about it if not?
    Thanks in advance.

Anyone from Steimberg knows what’s happening here? Still no correct NRPN/RPN management in 2021? Still no NRPN in generic remote? Do we still need to do a crappy xml edit for that?

Cmon guys!!! This thing should be addressed, or at least be clear and say something like: “we don’t believe in NRPN or things like that here in Steinberg”.

Let’s say it as it is : any attempt to use NRPN as anyone would expect is broken in Cubase and this, since countless years. Even in the Generic Remote Definitions, trying to use Ctrl-NRPN as MIDI status option of a controller won’t work.

I have read here and there that a new ‘API’ in development might solve many of the remote control issues. Crossing my fingers, but from what I see, this is still vaporware.

Meanwhile, I use NRPN messages strictly for remote controlling Cubase with the endless knobs of my MPD32 controller. And to make it work, I have to use this convoluted workaround, even nearly eight years after having found it…