Cubase 11 continuing to have issues?

Not been around much due to work commitments.
But noticed there are still a lot of issues with Cubase 11.
I am having a break from Cubase for a while.Since I have been having issues using Reastream plugin inside the control room
Just landed up with a few migraines trying to work out whats happening,why Cubase is crashing etc

I also work with this plugin to get my monitors out to OBS software, and everything works great.
You may want to update your video card.

hello and welcome
Its not the video card as that has the latest drivers.
The issue is, that if I insert Reastream into the control room.Cubase goes into safe mode and removes Reastream.
I have to use Reastream on the output side of the mixer
But would have thought having inserts in the control room,there wouldn’t be an issue.Something funky is going on.
I have spent several months now ,looking into this.Last resort is to send off a ticket to technical support