Cubase 11 - Controling the tempo of my external Synth

I have another isssue with my Korg Opsix : I would like to send the tempo of my Cubase session to it. So I make my clock on “External” to the Opsix parameters.
But nothing is played by Cubase and I guess Opsix is not receiving the tempo information…
Maybe the problem is coming from my way of configurating Opsix in Cubase : I’m using a midi track connected to the Opsix in out… Opsix receive the midi messages I’ve recorded but no tempo information…
Do you have some ideas ?
Thanks a lot.


Which one should be the master, please? Cubase or Korg?

Thanks Martin for your reply.
Cubase is the Master.


Then Cubase has to be set to Internal Timecode. In the Destinations tab, set the destination MIDI port. And make sure, Korg is set to External Timecode source, please.

Thanks Martin for these advices… It looks easier than it is I think…
I think you’re talking about the Project Synchronisation parameter in the Transport tab.
Here is mine (in attached file - sorry it’s in french but I guess the parameters are in the same place in english) but I still don’t have the tempo lead by Cubase… When I move it on the DAW, I don’t have any changes on the tempo of the Korg…
Maybe I’ve forgotten another thing ?
Thanks for your help :wink:


Could you try to enable all 3 options in the Destinations > MIDI Clock Preferences, please?

Yeah Working fine Thanks Martin !
But I have another issue now : when I push the play button in Cubase it leads automatically the sequencer of the Opsix… So even if I don’t want the Opsix to play it’s playing indefinitively. Can we fix that in any option ?
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Sorry, I don’t know Opsix.

Ok so you think it’s coming from the hardware ? I will check this. Thanks for your help.

Sorry if I’m missing something here… but if the synth starts playing when you start Cubase, then the clocking is being sent/received correctly. It will only update when Cubase is playing though. (so adjusting when stopped won’t change anything)

I’m not in the studio, but I think you should disable ‘Always Send Start Message’ in Cubase. (in your middle screenshot) Also I think some synths allow you to disable the synth transport when it receives midi clock. (I’m pretty sure my Pro3 does this)

Thanks for all of you for the solutions. Finally it’s working when I disable in Opsix the Global / Midi / Rx Transport.