Cubase 11 crash since update!

Cubase crashes almost immediately in some of my sessions, maybe Kontakt 6 related, or Syncrone Pro from VSL.

I dont know, pretty frustrating :frowning:

Anyone having problems??

Mac 10.14.6
Cubase 11_2020-11-19-024456_neils-Mac-Pro.crash (188 KB)
Cubase 11_2020-11-18-173935_neils-Mac-Pro.crash (185 KB)


Do you use any MIDI Inserts, please? If yes, which of them?

Reported to Steinberg CAN-32505.

Hi, thx for the answer

No , no midi insert .
Just a big Session with 20 rack, no insert, no plug ins just basically 15 Kontakt, and 5 Synchrone Pro player.

I kinda feel like its related to Synchrone but not sure:(

thank you


Had my first Cubase Crash on initial 11 testing using the C11 demo. If i hit the stop button on the playing project an instant crash occurred.
Didn’t happen in Mojave 32bit but only Catalina 64bit. After some digging for me it appeared to be linked to Cubase finding some residual 32bit code id forgotten about.
Mine was in the Tools for MR and FW driver end. (Id just updated my interface from an MR816CSX to an AX4R but forgotten to clean out the underlying code for the old interface). After running the uninstaller from the Tools Extension my crash issue ceased.

Just a thought may help nail a bug.



Thank you for the details.


Would you be willing to share your project (via PM), please? The crash refers to the MIDI Plug-in processing. You say, there are no MIDI Inserts, so it’s a puzzle for me. :smiley:


How much memory RAM do you have in your computer? Could you please run your memory test?