Cubase 11 Crash - when deleting a track with Avenger on it

Hi, I deleted a track with AVenger VST on it and cubase told me on reboot the the plugin caused the problem. ALready sent the info for them but I’ll put here too because it’s strange behaviour since I was only deleting a track.

Cubase 11_2021-02-18-152042_Jos-Mac-Pro.crash (189.1 KB)

Sorry, I don’t understand?
Did I did something wrong?

Hi !

Haha :grin: Not you but me.
It’s all ok with my Cubase & Avenger but I am on PC

kind regards, Alexander

Great Soft_Machine. It’s ok here too, on this particular project it’s happing just when I try to delete a track with avenger on It. Before that everthng is fine. But keep happens on the same project