Cubase 11 crash when I click on midi container

Hi everyone,
I have a strange bug since yesterday on Cubase 11.0.41.
When I click on a midi container Cubase crashes. I thought it was a bug in the project but it’s the same with other projects. I tried to create a new project, I made a midi track, I clicked to create a container, it crashed.
It works on Cubase 12 and Cubase 10 (but I can’t use 12 because of some old vsts).
I tried without third-part plug-ins, without preferences, I reinstalled Cubase, but still, it crashes.
Yesterday I installed the demos of Diva and Repro from Uh-He, and Analog Lab from Arturia. I deinstalled them but nothing.
I tried turning my Macbook off and on again but again, nothing.
If I’m on the MixConsole, Sampler Control or Chords Pads, I can click on a container, but if I try to go on the Editor window, it crashes.
Audio Editor has no problem.

I don’t know what to do.
If someone has an idea…

And it works with the Score Editor, but I need the Key Editor.

and I’m on Cubase Artist, to be exact.

I tried to install 11.0.30, but same bug…

Maybe you can post the crash report file? I always forget its location on Mac but you can search the forum to find it.

Well, that could be useful I guess but it doesn’t exactly crash, it freezes with the rainbow wheel. Everything else is perfectly normal.

finally I found that, not sure if it helps but it seems there is something about openGL, and I’m on a Mac M1 and I think openGL is obsolete.

Nov 22 00:43:17 MacBook-Pro-de-Christian[1]: Coalition Cache Hit: app<> [33565]
Nov 22 00:43:53 MacBook-Pro-de-Christian Cubase 11[19694]: getattrlist failed for /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Resources//GLRendererFloat.bundle/GLRendererFloat: #2: No such file or directory

it seems that the same bug happens with other softwares. I don’t understand why Cubase, after two years, suddenly needs openGL. I try to find how to install openGL on a Mac M1, but it doesn’t seem possible.


Could you attach the *.ips file, please?

sorry, I don’t know what is it, and when I search it says it’s related to games rom.


Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: %userprofile%/Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps