Cubase 11 Crashes everytime when opening projects

Hello, I have a new beautiful HP Workstation with plenty of CPU and RAM power, plenty of disc space and good Graphics Card. I can open Cubase 11 and work on a project. OK. But when I close that project and try to open a different project Cubase 11 crashes. Every time. Has anyone got any ideas. I have several DMP files saved. But am not allowed to upload them here… Regards Del

With projects of any meaningful size, I will restart my PC prior to opening another project. A clean start…
Also, check any VSTs… all up to date and reliable…

Happens here too, but not every project. Seems to happen with every project where I’ve chopped multitracked drums into slices and quantized them. For example, here backup version of the projects before edits open ok.

Any time I start to run into Cubase crash problems I religiously re-install the sound card drivers and run the Cubase install file again. ( take the re-install option) I’m running on windows 10 and anytime there is a major update I seem to end up running into crash issues.

Happens here on latest Mac. Every time almost without fail.

Seems to be related to the amount of events in the project. Just tested with a project with lots of tracks etc, no problem opening it up later. But as soons as I chop the drum tracks into slices, and the amount of events go from hundreds to thousands, trying to open the project later just crashes Cubase. Tried trashing preferences, without plugins etc. Nothing seems to work. Can’t be entirely sure, but in my workflow this leads to bricking the project.

EDIT: This seems to happen in both Cubase 11 and a clean install of 10.5 on a separate machine. At least here, simply adding edits and fades to project until it’s size hits around 7 MB will turn it into a brick and crash Cubase after trying to open the project again.

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