Cubase 11 crashes in specific project Geforce RTX 3050

I have a project that just started crashing on me at (seemingly) random times while working on or playing it. It started some days ago after adding some more instruments, but not sure if they are causing it since after having removed them the crashes still happen. I mostly have Sine sample instruments with a couple of Kontakt 5, but never had problem with them before, and I didn’t do any updates to them before the crashes started.

How do one go about to find what is causing the crashing in a large project with lots of instruments and tracks?

I have one of the dump files here, and hope anyone can find some clues in them: Cubase 64bit 2023.1.18 - Google Drive

EDIT addition: I also tried creating a new project and import all the tracks from the crashing project, but the crashes are also happening there.

After the first crashes I got it gave me these popup windows saying the application has to be shut down because of a serious graphic driver related issue and the error code = 0x8007000e and I updated the drivers and also tried Studio Drivers., I have a Geforce RTX 3050. I also updated Windows 11 to the latest version. I no longer get that popups but I get seemingly the same crashes.

After similar problem, I contacted Support. If you do so, send the DMP file and also a .NFO file of your system (as this was the first thing they asked me.) Be patient, respons took 5 days.
For my system the solution was to update (or re-install- the graphics driver (clean, new install) without all the optional stuff (Physx, gaming profiles etc…)

Thank you! I’ll contact them and see what they might find.

And can try to reinstall the drivers once again. They weird thing is that it is only in one of my projects that I am experience this problem, but must be something it does that the others dosn’t.

Try installing studio drivers instead of game drivers.