Cubase 11 crashes when HOFA IQ EQ opened

Hofa EQ crashes C12
Hofa limiter opens small but when trying to resize it crashes.
PA lindell channel X opens 1/4 of the plugin GUI
UAD plugins sometimes pass audio but there is no change in sound when adjusted. Works fine upon restart , until it happens again with a different uad plugin.
Win 10 HiDPI enabled
Can’t wait for the fix…

Hi and welcome,

Could you provide *.dmp file?

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Oddly , the last crash dump file in my system is from C10.5 from 3 months ago.
Yet c11 is unusable in HiDPI setting on 4k monitor.
UAD plugins once enlarged pass audio but do not “work”
any Hofa plugin crashes the session.
I did all expected “maintenance”
reinstalled C11 twice, reinstalled UAD, reinstalled HOFA
I am going to revert to standard resolution, which of course defeats the purpose of an update and see if things work better.
Yes , I did try on a brand new project with just one track created. Identical issues.
Where else could the .dmp file be ?
Thank you for trying to help


This is the only folder, where does Cubase store its *.dmp files.

Sorry, I’m not Windows user, maybe there is other system folder (ask Google, please), maybe you would find the plug-in crashes there.

Look at ProgramData folder (hiden)

I have the same issue with Hofa IQEQ. Crashes in cubase 11 not in 10.5

IqEQ works fine with Q11.0.30 but Reverb still crashes cubase,
HOFA is aware of an issue and suggested disabling HiDPI. of course. ?!?!?!

I am still using 10.5 because I heavily rely on the HOFA IQEQ .
If anyone is aware of a fix that doesn’t disable the 4K resolution and allows me to use my Hofa plugins in cubase 11 please let me know. Until then I will not you be using cubase 11. Sad…