Cubase 11 crashes while loading project

Hello All,
I have some stability problems with Cubase 11.0.10. When I open my existing Project in most tries it crashes. Sporadically I can open it.
What I found Out:
The crashes occur after integrating a Retroulogue 2 instrument in my project. After retry to open the project the crash detection window shows that there was a problem while loading Retrologue. I am not an expert, but I think by scanning the dump file there was a statement, that somehow the program tried to read or write in a memory area where no permission was granted.
What I tried:
I deinstalled Retrologue with the effect, that the project could be opened without any problems. After installing Retrologue 2 again the problem directly occurs again. I started Cubase as admin, this seems to make the situation better, the chance to open my project seems to increase, but not substantially. I opened a support-ticket @ Steinberg at the beginning of this month but there was no answer until now.
Win 10
Cubase SE 11.0.10
Absolute 4 Retrologue 2 2.2.40
I7, 16GB Ram, Nvidia GPU

Does anybody have an idea what I can do?

if you post the dmp file here there is a chance a forum member will look at it and tell you if it is a Retrologue problem

Here is a Dump File for those who can interpret.Cubase Elements 64bit 2021.2.24 (769.9 KB)