Cubase 11 crashing on macbook pro 2011

A friend asked me to post his problem here( he doesn’t speak english)
cubase 11 is crashing on his system
macbook pro 2011 , mac os high sierra …
he can run cubase 9 normally ATM… but cubase 11 crashes on startup, when he selects to run w/o system preferences and 3rd party vst it open, but crashes when he tries to create a new project or open one…

Cubase 11_2021-07-05-231057_MacBook-Pro-de-XICO.crash (106.5 KB)

Cubase 11 is not supported on macOS 10.13. And in this case it crashes in the Intel HD4000 GPU Metal driver.

I have a friend using cubase 11 with high Sierra. So high Sierra supports cubase 11

If you are saying that there is a bug that makes the cubase 11 not work on the MacBook pro 2011, but it works on 2012 I’m really impressed…

I hope that’s no just it.

Check the system requirements of Cubase here: System requirements | Steinberg
That it works on some systems with macOS 10.13 is pure luck.

i saw that…

i just asked him and his macbook is the 2012 one… just gonna update to catalina … thx anyway