Cubase 11: Curves in tempo tracks?

Just saw info about the release of Cubase 11, and scrolled through the news listings.
Curves finally implemented in the midi modulation tracks - cool. Didn’t see anything about curves in the tempo track, however.
Can it be that there still is no curves possibility in the tempo tracks! :open_mouth:

Best! / Jonas

You can choose between steps or ramps in your tempo track, no curves as of yet.

Amazing! Cubase 11 missing curves for tempo tracks in 2021 is remarkable - an absolute essential feature for music with “organic” tempi!

Not tried StudioOne much, but the tempo curves seem to be so smooth and easy to use as they should be. If I can get along with Melodyne instead of Cubase Vari Audio, I might very well switch.

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Any updates on this topic? Would be useful for me too