Cubase 11 does not close

Cubase 11 does not close. After working for some time, I save the project and then I quit Cubase, but I have to stop it with the Task Maneger. Anyone have this kind of problem?

Yes. Has been happening to me as well.

… and the others too :wink:

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I use cubase every day and for some time it has always worked well. My plug-ins are always the same and they are all up to date. My project I’m working on uses Kontak 6 updated to the latest version, EastWest’s Play latest version and just an Eq Waves with Span plus on the master and that’s it. However, if I work for 10-15 minutes and then quit Cubase it doesn’t crash, but I have more time (2 hours). I have send to file .dmp to support.

It’s most certainly a plugin , your crash dump will tell

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Pretty much been an issue for as long as I can remember. They seem to fix it then something else brings it back. Currently for my set up I believe it’s an issue with My Nektar P6 integration with Cubase.

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This problem also existed some time ago, now it has returned. However when I save the project, luckily I manage to save it, and then I close Cubase and it crashes, it doesn’t create the Crash dump file. So it becomes difficult to pinpoint the cause of Cubase freezing. This is very annoying. I am confident but disappointed.

This has been happening to me for years now. It either has something to do with the Windows ‘sleep’ function -or- the video driver. I leave Cubase running 24/7. And every day or so when I hit ‘Play’, there’s no sound. So I hit End Task. -Or- if I burn a video on that machine using another program that also usually kills the audio.

I’m always able to save my work. Just… no audio.

For years, people here have told me, “It’s one of yer plugs”, but I doubt it. I just think there is something in either Cubase or the RME drivers that stop communicating either with Sleep or when the DVD drive is activated.

Annoying as crap, but not fatal.

Such a problem for many users!

Hello everyone
It seems to me that the problem is to be attributed to Kontakt 6. When I load several instances of Kontakt the problem begins to appear, when I delete Kontakt from the project or decrease the instances Cubase exits the application after a few seconds.