Cubase 11 does not recognise my Audio interface

Cubase 11 pro (latest update) suddenly does not recognise my Audio interface (UR824). When I open project in 10.5 there is no problem. What to do, reinstall 11? Reinstall driver for Audio Interface but it works in 10.5.

2 posts with the same question in 30min… respect
and both without any information about the system? at least the OS…

Solved. Reinstalled Version 11. Works now. Happened of course after a Windows update. Two posts because I thought the first one didnt get through cause I could not see it.

I reinstalled Cubase 11 Pro—and it still will not see my UR824. This happened out of the blue yesterday. Was working fine until a fricken Windows Crapdate happened. Any ideas out there?

unplug your interface, count till 5 plug it in again
start Cubase

Was it an old picture?