Cubase 11 doesn't open after upgrading to 12 in offline

Hi guys

Does someone know why cubase11 does not open after upgrading to 12?

Im in offline computer, my 12 does work with no dongle.

Have to say i did updated my eLicence to 12


Cubase 11 requires the dongle. It’s only version 12 that doesn’t or lower Cubase versions

I contacted the dongle. But its written “no valid license found”

Maybe its because i upgraded the dongle to 12? Is there any way to go back to 11? My all key commands and preferences there and i cabt fond them in my computer



  1. What license is on the USB dongle?

  2. What application are you launching?

( provide a screenshot please)

This is the elicencer status on my online computer.
Other photo is the message from cubase 11 (dongle inside)

Not sure what’s going on there. You might try the usual steps for the Elicenser, update, and run Maintenance.

They are in the User Settings Data Folder for Cubase Pro 11.

You mean…what? To unactive cubase 12 and than activate it again on my eLicencer?

I searched for this folder but it seems its not exist