Cubase 11 Drum Map - No Sound - Unable to choose output

I have Cubase Elements 11 and using Kontakt and Studio Drummer.

With regular midi it all works fine…but as soon as I switch to Drum Map there is no sound. No sound from the midi track. No sound from my keyboard.

Yes…the acoustic feedback is on.

I noticed when I go to Drum Map setup…the output section at the bottom is “Not Connected”. Is that supposed to go to Kontakt? If so…Kontakt is not on the list to choose.

Could it be, that the midi channel in the drum map is mismatched with the midi channel that your Kontakt instrument is expecting?

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Yes…that was it. Thank you!!

If you mark my answer as solution, it may end up being helpful for others having the same problem.

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Sure. Didn’t know that. I’m new to this whole thing.

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