Cubase 11 Dual Monitor Display Issue

Wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if it is just me.

I have a dual monitor setup. Cubase works perfectly except for one issue that just started with the upgrade to Cubase 11.

When I click on the “Edit Instrument” button of an Instrument track, the VST is opened to the left of my two monitors (sometimes I can see just a small sliver of the VST window on left edge of my left screen). It’s as if Cubase thinks I have a THIRD monitor to the left of my two monitors and that is where it places the VST. I can rectify this by turning off the second monitor and reopening the VST on just the single monitor, but this is cumbersome and annoying.

Anyone else seeing this?

Have you had a third monitor installed on your graphics card before and disabled it , can you drag this Vst that’s causing the issue on to one of the other monitors ? There used to be an issue disabling monitors then opening an old project with three monitors and non being able to see the Vst’s ?

I have had similar situations where the main menu gets placed on one monitor and the rest of the app is on another monitor. I also have big problems when the monitors don’t all have the same Windows text scaling factor.

Never have had three monitors. What you described does seem like how Cubase is acting. Like I had three monitors at one time (which I never have) and opened the VST but then closed Cubase and now it “remembers” placing the VST on the non-existent third monitor.

Umm , sorry i can’t help in that case , i take it you have tried to back up the project to see if this persists . As you have never had a third monitor then i wouldn’t of thought it would be this issue but just to make sure have you checked your graphics card setting to see if there’s a third display icon there ?

Welcome to the forum BrokenHalo.
Haven’t had any problems with 2 monitors but note that they are set up pretty much the same. Usually the VSTs open where I last left them which is usually on the second monitor but every now and again, one may appear on the the first. It always appears mid screen though.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Definitely a persistent issue. I have tried several different things to see if I can pinpoint what the problem is and not had any luck. Only seems to be happening with certain VSTs (SynthMaster and Spire). I already asked SynthMaster support and they had not heard of the issue. If I hear of a solution I will post it in case others run into the same thing.