Cubase 11 Elements and Native Instruments S88

Are there any gotchas I should be aware of using a NI s88 keyboard with Cubase 11 Elements?

Hi and welcome,

Only Cubase Pro and Artist is supported by NI. See this article, please.

Hey Martin, thanks for that. However, I have found through experiment that Elements is supported :grinning: I’ll ping NI and let them know.


It might be, you just didn’t come across the features, which are not supported. But definitely it’s worth to discuss and explore… I will be happy, if you will share the result.

Hey Martin

So far, so good. Anything else I should check?

  • Mark


I have a feeling, something didn’t work, because something is not implemented in Cubase Elements (and it’s Cubase Artist/Pro only). But I can’t remember, what was it. Maybe something with Linking, Q-Link or something like this?