CUBASE 11 Elements Export audio slows down

Good morning all,

I just created a project under Cubase 11 Elements, at 44.1KHz frequency and 32-bit floating point (I didn’t actually touch anything in the project configuration).
My MOTU MK3 sound card is also set to 44.1KHz.

When I do an audio export of the project, I check that it is also set to 44.1KHz and 32 bit float.

The export, done in real speed or not, is slowed down and the notes are lower.
I tested several combinations of frequencies and it does not change anything …

Thanks for your help, I couldn’t find anything on the Forum that could help me…

Good music to all

Which ASIO are you using?
For example, the ASIO4ALL control panel has a checkbox for “Always convert to 48KHz”. That caught me out on an import from an old Korg D8 hard disk recorder @ 44K into a 44K Cubase project. The resultant track ran fast. It would have the opposite effect (slow it down) on export, I guess?

Hi, thank you fir this fast answer.
I’m using the MOTU Audio Asio driver. But I’m not able anymore to open the Asio window to get the sound card setup. It was working before but it stopped.
I’m sure this is a kind of thing like that but I tried everything possible, I guess…

Set your audio buffer higher when you are doing your exporting.

Thank’s Shanabit… I do that in the checkbox above?

Where can I change the buffer value?

ON the left click on the MOTU Audio ASIO and you should have options on the right show up.

As a rule of thumb, lowest buffer when tracking without any audio artifacts or issues.
Jack the buffer up when mixing and exporting your Project down

Left click on the MOTU Audio ASIO gives me that:

But the “Tableau de bord” button doesn’t work…
Anyway, I’ll remain this rule.

You may have to use MOTUs app to change the buffer. CueMix Console or whatever they use for that. That is where it is located the Tableu de bord