Cubase 11 elements fails installation

I have bought a new Mac mini and downloaded cubase 11 elements , it downloads ok but as you click on installation it comes up with AN ERROR OCCURRED WHILE RUNNING SCRIPTS FRONT THE PACKAGE CUBASE LE AI ELEMENTS.PKG.
Any ideas?

Hi and welcome,

Is it M1 processor or Intel processor, please?

It’s M1. 2020 model 256 hd with 8 gig ram.


I see. Cubase is not officially compatible with M1 processors so far.

Thanks , the Mac will be returning back to curry’s.

Sorry meant to ask, is cubase compatible with intel version? Or am I going to have the same problem, when the Mac installed cubase eventually every screen was solid purple.


Cubase is (of course) compatible with the Intel processors. Please, find the System Requirements chart here.