Cubase 11 Elements on 2nd PC

I have purchased via online the Cubase 11 Elements, have obtained the download code and successfully installed it on my 1st PC. Now I’m trying to also install Cubase 11 Elements on my laptop. But it says there is no valid license available. I’ve tried to re-activate it via corresponding page online, but it says that nothing is to be reactivated.

How can I activate my Cubase on laptop?
Thanks in advance.

If it’s version 11 then you can’t unless you deactivate it on the other pc. If you upgrade to 12 then you gave three activations meaning you can activate on 3 devices.

How can I deactivate it on other PC?

I don’t know. I’ve always had Cubase pro so had a hardware licenser which you can physically remove. Not sure how it works on non usb licences before the new licensing system now used for Cubase 12

You’re eligible for a free grace period upgrade to Cubase Elements 12. Please run the Steinberg Activation Manager on your first PC and follow the instructions for Steinberg Licensing shown in this article:

You’ll then be able to activate Cubase Elements 12 on your laptop by simply downloading it from the Steinberg Download Assistant, then signing-in to the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Yes, that helped! Thank you very much!