Cubase 11 Elements (Trial) - Output problem (solved)

USB-Interface: Behringer UM2

Hello, I wanted to try out the Elements version of Cubase 11 and see if I liked it. I have everything setup and working. Inputs are fine, outputs are fine. I can record with no problems at all. But as soon as I start playing back audio the audio is fine for 2 seconds and starts to fade out afterward. From this point I have to “refresh” the Output settings and then I get the same thing again.

What puzzles me is that the audio doesn’t stop abruptly but like a clean fade-out. It doesn’t sound like a crash to me.

Edit: It turns out that I can only hear loud parts of the music. The waveform is correct, but low volume audio it not put out for some reason.

Edit: And I found the solution. Cubase sets a VSTDynamics as standard configuration. That was the cause, when my audio was below a certain threshold. Maybe someone else has this problem as well and can solve it this way.