Cubase 11 Elements

Hello friends, I have a question, the purchase of this product is only once, that is, when buying cubase 11 elements, I do not have to pay again?

Once you buy it, you own it. It is not a subscription.

I hope that answers your question.

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Thank you very much friend, you know I already bought it, I installed it, I configured it with my audio card but it does not record me, there is no audio input but the configuration is correct.

Which audio interface are you using? If you cannot record audio, perhaps your configuration is not correct. Without seeing screenshots, it’s extremely difficult to make suggestions of where to start.

Are you sure you have the proper ASIO driver selected?

Have you assigned an input bus which corresponds to the correct input on your interface?

Have you selected this as the input for your audio track?

You probably need to provide more details in order for someone to help solve the problem.

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