Cubase 11 Exclamation mark <!> in tooltips?


What does it mean where there is an exclamation mark at the end of the tooltip?
I noticed that several tooltip have that and it generates a bot of confusion.

It means a Key Command could be set for this, but none has yet been configured.

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Okay thanks steve!

I was wondering because I have never seen this in any other commercial software before and in terms of “self discoverability” it is not super evident and of course it takes horizontal real estate space for something I might never want to use.

At the end if there is no shortcut that’s it, and if I do not ever want to assign a shortcut I should not be forced to see a “shortcut placeholder”.

Point taken, but those tool tips don’t take up any real estate unless you hover the mouse cursor on them, and can be completely disabled.

Yeah I mean I do not want to disable the tooltips :slight_smile: because I need to read what a button is it for.

I just find that having a placeholder that tells me “if you wish you could assign a shortcut” is weird… I mean that’s not a standard practice, I could assign a shortcut on any of the items below “Automation Panel” in figure but not for this I should see a <!> near each one of them.

A command is a command, if I want to assign it to a shortcut I go in the appropriate place (the Key Commands dialog). There is also a handy search that allows me to see if i can set a shortcut or not.
Adding a “missing something” in the tooltip text doesnt help me in a significant way NOR brings me to the place that effectively allows me to set the shortcut.

Different strokes for different folks. Or, horses for courses. Pick your rhyme :wink: :rofl:

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