Cubase 11 export crash question

I would like to ask for help with a C11 crash. The crash happened after starting the export - the usual “serious problem” message. The crash itself was 100% caused by a specific plugin. All export attempts resulted in a crash and closing the plugin solved the problem.

I’m asking for help because of the following: I looked it up and no one reported such a problem with the particular plugin, so the error is likely in my system/setup. Tested (not by me) on another computer with Cubase and the export worked. Win 10, C11, 3rd party plugin.

If it is possible, can you tell me from the .dmp file exactly which element of the system the plugin stucks with, what exactly causes the crash? Thanks!

Cubase 64bit 2023.3.15 (949.0 KB)


The crash is in Gorilla. Probably a VST plug-in…?

Thanks Martin, yes, I already knew that. Does the .dmp file reveal anything else? Just because I’m the only one with a crash during export. As I wrote, it was tested on another system with Cubase 11/12 and the export ran without any problems there.


Sorry, I can’t see more. Only the plug-in developer would be able to see more.