Cubase 11 Export with Master FX

Let say I want to export multiple tracks (not the master bus) and I select Master/Grp/Sends in the export window.
The dynamic processor you have in the master are still “listening” to the whole song or just the tracks you are exporting?

I get the question - but I’d ask why you would ever what to do this - if you have anything on the master bus, it would respond differently depending on what tracks you send through it? (I could be wrong about this - but this is how it seems to behave)

It would be better to export your multiple tracks without sending them through any master chain.

I do know in Cubase 12, things like sidechains are recognised in the export, so this behaviour might have changed in 12 and may provide the functionality you seek - but thinking about it, it doesn’t seem possible to have an effect responding to sound that isn’t ever outputted.

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Just the tracks you are exporting.

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Thanks Toby,

I work on videogames and we do adaptive music, and I have to split the track in layers. I just want the final sum in the game be close to the real mix. I can solve it with sidchain as you said, but it is an extra step.

I’ll take a look into CB12. Thanks!

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what a great use case! - I guess you’ll have to use external side chains to do this, it can be done in 11, but I think it’s more automatic in 12

I’d set all of the tracks you didn’t want to appear in the print, but did want to trigger the compressor, silenced but routing to the external side chain of the compressor and then run the individual tracks through it. The caveat is that I think compressors set to use an external side chain to compress don’t use the input signal to trigger any more (I could be wrong - please don’t take just my word for it) - so you may have to also send the tracks you want to print through the external side chain as well. That way the compressor behaves as if it has a full mix going through it, even if only a few parts are going through.

There will be people on here who understand this better than me :slight_smile: