Cubase 11 - Fails to open older projects

I am trying to open projects from Cubase 9.5, 10, 10.5 in Cubase Pro 11… But get multiple error windows opening… Open with a new name bla bla bla.

On Windows 10… and the same thing happens in Nuendo 11 btw

Any others experienced the same?

Where can I send the dump files? Or are there a program I can look into it myself


The exact errors (instead of bla bla bla) would help here a lot. Could you attach a screenshots, please?

You can ZIP and attach the DMP files here. But first, post the errors, please.

Not at my studio computer right now… But the error message starts with what I wrote… something like “Try to save with another name before opening…”

Anyway, from what I could find (and guess my way to) when looking into the dump file, I think it is related to an older version to an SSL Duende Native plugin.
I will check further…

Are there a reason we can’t in a better way to look into our own dump files?