Cubase 11 falls out of synchrone

Sometimes the Cubase 11 Pro is falling out of sinchrone, and stops recording.
What can be the reason?
Soundboard is Focusrite clarett+ 8Pre via USB


Out of synchrone with what? Could you be more precise, please?

Unfortunately there is no more, deeper info

This is very strange, and I can not understand, where is it comes from?


Sorry, I also cannot understand without more info.

Are you talking about a synchrone of what aginst what, please?

You are right. It would be important to know. But THERE IS NO MORE INFO on the screen :frowning:
If it happens next time, I will make a screen copy…


So this is a message, you get?

Yes. The message means: The Cubase is out of synchron…
No identification of source, where it happened.