Cubase 11: Folder tracks don't display a summed audio meter from folder audio tracks

Of all the literally hundreds of amazing things Cubase 11 can do…i’m beyond baffled they forgot to add a real audio meter on the folder tracks! If there is a workaround already present for this please let me know… as i often work with projects with >150 tracks so folders become necessity. but - when there are muted track issues -sometimes Cubase gets into an ‘unknown’ muted state - where some tracks are muted that shouldn’t be, and i haven’t found the exact reason for this so far. OR, something becomes ‘unmuted’ that was supposed to be muted - but where is that audio coming from? looking at the folder tracks should easily reveal this audio, but, i cannot find it because the folder tracks audio meter is BROKEN. or not coded - so there’s no way to tell without expanding all the folder tracks presently in cubase 11 pro. The folder track needs a real summed audio meter that will display the audio level from the combined tracks inside the folder.


There is no signal routed to the Folder track, therefore there is no meter. It’s just a container of the tracks.

You are searching for Group Channel, if you are asking for routing and meters.

ah thanks! never thought about that - i’m more used to ableton where that is all automatic. i just push ctrl+g and all the selected tracks are grouped and have a sum fader. super easy workflow. Does Cubase have a shortcut to create a folder/group and automatically add the group fader for the selected tracks, then?

I found the group channels, i was already using them. but, they were all nested inside the folders so their sum meters were hidden when you collapse your view.
I understand why Cubase has the little radio buttons now! Would you like these inside the folder, or outside! haha! … Does anyone have a screenshot on how to actually make this usable i would love to see it. aka; can i just make a view where i only see the group channels, and all other channels & folders are ‘hidden’, somehow? The part that is strange is why Cubase would even show an audio meter for a folder track in the first place.

Adding groups from the mix console is probably the quickest & easiest way to do this.

Select the tracks in the mixer you want to group together by ctrl or shift clicking on them, right click & select ‘add group to selected channels’. Cubase will add a group channel & set up the routing for you automatically.

This can also be done to add FX channels or VCA faders to multiple tracks instantly. With FX it will prompt you to choose a plugin for the FX channel, and set up all the sends for you (default will be at 100% post fader). You can then use quicklink to turn off or turn down all the sends until you want to use them.

This can be done from both the lower zone mixconsole or main mixconsole window,

In response to your next question, you can use the channel visibility agent in the mix console or main arrangement window to only show (or hide) certain track types.


You can do this in the Project window too.

Rather than rely on mutes getting switched unintentionally, I use Disable where possible. Though it is less flexible it guarantees that unwanted audio tracks stay silent.

It has the side benefit of reducing CPU.

I do this too. Why is it less flexible. It functions exactly the same as a mute button no?

@ luke7020 Less flexible because there is no global defeat.

On the plus side, once disabled all tracks can be hidden in one action. So if you have a lots of takes that you need to keep, but not see or risk switching on, it’s great.

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