Cubase 11 frequent hangs

Since I installed Cubase 11 Pro I was mostly very happy with what this new version brought until I have begun mixing a sample-heavy piece of noise. In this piece there are about 12 percussion tracks, 4 synth tracks, 2 vocals, 3 bases and about 14 piano tracks. At a given moment there are not more than 8 tracks active with some of them having individual Imagers, Squashers, Frequencies and reverbs. What happens is that at some moment after every restart C11 cuts completely access to it and freezes at the state when it happened. Most often it is in playing state, so it continues to play the material till its end, but there is no other means to stop it than force quit it (on Mac). It already happened good 20 times since I have begun working on the piece. To have some info about what might be going I have activated system monitoring and I saw that processors are almost idling and memory is used in 10-15%, so system overcharge is not a reason. Besides, I have a good machine, a Mac Pro 2020 with 16 processors and almost a 100GB of RAM, so machine is potent. I have tried to find the eventual crash log, but could not. So, if anyone had experienced a similar problem and could recommend a solution it would be very much appreciated. And OS is Catalina, so the stable version.

Hi, I know this new forum format is very confusing and makes it kinda hard to find stuff, so here’s a link to a thread that already mentions this issue. Hopefully it’s something that gets fixed soon.

Thanks. Went there and it looks like there more that a few people suffering such a problem, which means someone in Steinberg sooner or later will have a look at it.