Cubase 11 Full installer - not updater

Is this available yet?

In Steinberg Download Manager, I can select either “Cubase Pro 11” version or “Cubase Pro 11 Update” version in the left column, but I am only offered the ~500MB Cubase update file in the right hand column, no larger “Full Installation” option.

The Full Installer for 10.5 was ~20GB.

I know they have split out all the accessory packages, but is there going to be a single big installer for doing new installs quickly?

Did I miss something?

Yeah we need the full installation package asap. having to download and install 31 individual parts is tedious and a full package would make a fresh install much easier and more reliable.


I like the new way. Easier to download fast and choose which packages you need (later). But of course I would not mind if there was a full installer TOO

I don’t disagree with that, but the current CB11 installer is described as an update.

None of us currently know if that includes everything needed to reinstall CB11 (not including addons) in the event that you have a disk die and need to completely reinstall. Does it require elements of your preveious installation of 10/10.5 in order to make a fully working 11? Who knows?

That has not been stated anywhere.

Yes I agree that the separate parts can make it easy just to download the bits you want but a full complete install is needed in one package as well. I mean imagine if Microsoft said for windows just download and separately install 1000 different parts and you might get a fully working OS.
It is nice to have parts to download in Cubase for items you might want to update but for a fresh install it is a total mess.