Cubase 11 graphic latency

Can anyone help me to solve the graphic issue in Cubase 11 Pro? I have two instance of C11 on two separate discs: SSD (main production) and HDD (kind of training). C11 on SSD makes 4-5 second pause when I switch from browser window to C11, KONTAKT lookes like white rectangle for 5 second. But the HDD Cubase doesn’t have this problem. SSD — 80 gb empty of 180 gb, HDD — 30 gb empty of 130 gb
Win 10-64 bit / Cubase 11 Pro/ Steinberg UR44C / i-7 4770 / GA Z87X-UDH5-CF,
nVIDIA GeForce GT 710![555|690x371]

Some new info about previous post: Cubase 10.5 doesn’t have this graphic latency on SSD, only C11 has.