Cubase 11 Halion 6 graphics issue - renders plugin unusable


Since updating to Cubase 11 pro from 10.5 pro and also to Halion, I am experiencing significant graphics issues with the plugin.

It renders the plugin completely unusable… I bought this plugin a while back at £300 (previous version) and paid the £85 fee for Cubase 11. Not happy at all with this.

System is a Macbook Pro that is otherwise fit as a fiddle… It may be I have to restore from Time Machine to a previous state with Cubase 10.5 which negates the value in having Cubase 11 at the £85 upgrade fee.

I have a video here (cannot upload as attachment this forum states):

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Which macOS version are you using? Is it supported with Cubase 11?

Yes it is supported, High Sierra (for good reasons not Cubase related), and it runs Cubase itself with no issues, just Halion is broken since me upgrading.

You add another volume to your current APFS container and install Mojave in it to see whether issue happens still.

I’d rather not, that takes a significant amount of time and can be problematic in itself

Any help? If Steinberg state my OS is supported it should be supported, otherwise I have been mis-sold a product here.

Ticket raised

I’m sorry, but Cubase 11 is only supported on macOS 10.14 or newer. So it’s not supported on High Sierra.

Ah… Thanks. I see now it is stated as such in requirements, sorry to all here…

I can update to that as still have the Mojave installer so will try that - I cannot go to Catalina/Big Sur as other unrelated software I use will not work on that.

Many thanks to you and also ShikiSuen above who suggested this first, sorry ShikiSuen!

I have the same problem with halion and also groove agent on Big Sur

I have had to revert back to Cubase 10 (although Mojave solved it briefly, I then had other non-music related issues with other software I use that is essential) rather than use 10.5 or 11 and suffer the expense of the version 11 upgrade which I cannot currently use. It is not a Halion issue per se, but a Cubase issue. I also had no help from Steinberg with this when I raised a ticket, hence in the business plan I put forward this week for our arts faculty at the university I work at I have strongly advised to stick with Logic rather than use any Steinberg software for our Apple machines…