Cubase 11 HiDPI issue (150% DPI) vs Nuendo 10,3

Hi Guys.

I hoped for the crystal clear picture on HiDPI now on 4K displays with the new 150% scaling, but this is happening to me :frowning:(((( The grid doesn’t meet the scaling, so the lines are distorted (on anything, instruments, tracks) and some are not. And when I am scrolling thru project window, you can see the inconsistency. It is very annoying. Like there is ghosting. Even on pictures inside the plugins.

see the video.

btw. I hoped, that I can set the DPI scaling inside the cubase/nuendo. Like windows is 150% and I wanna have 175% in cubase. But is not possible :frowning:(( I am sad again. I waited for that for about 3,5 years to have nice HiDPI graphics and free scaling inside the cubase/nuendo, even on 4K displays. Paid for the upgrade again. But this is just bad ://


Btw. I have also nuendo 10,3 and there is not that problem. Yes the plugins are off the frame sometimes on HiDPI, but the UI, graphics and lines are 100% consistent (150% dpi in windows on 4K screen). No ghosting etc.

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