Cubase 11 HiDPi VST-PlugIn-Manager visual bug

Version: Cubase Pro 11.0.0 Build 300 (on Oct 16 2020)
Windows 10 (1909), 4K, 175% Zoom, Cubase is crisp and clear

Open “Studio” -> “VST-PlugIn-Manager”. At the bottom you’ll see VST2 folders. That region is strange because you cannot see the last entry and you cannot scroll to the last entry (I’ve 6 entries there). The last entry is somehow cut off, you may see the top 10% of the last entrie’s text.

The behaviour is the same regardless of the “HiDPi enabled” checkbox in Cubase properties.

Hi @andrucha13 and welcome to our forum!

First of all thank you so much for reporting the issue!
Would it be possible to attach a screenshot by any chance?

If you believe that the behavior is the same regardless of HiDPI being enabled or not then I suggest that you remove the word HiDPI from the title?


I’m sorry, my bad. I have forced the HiDPi setting through Windows.

So current situation:
(1) If HiDPi is disabled in Cubase then the described behaviour does not apply. Every entry in the list is visible.
(2) If HiDPi is enabled, then it looks like this

And I have also noticed that if you resize the PlugIn Manager window horizontally (yes horizontally) then the size of vertical scrollbar changes and then I am able to scroll down to the last entry. So kind of a workaround.

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hi @andrucha13

try enclosing the screenshot again - you should have permission now :+1:

Thanks, I’ve attached them to the previous post!

Thanks. I have reported your bug.