Cubase 11 - how to make existing MIDI track align with audio backing track?

I have an audio backing track in my Cubase 11 production. I also have a MIDI file that was created elsewhere (in a scoring app) which is based on the same structure/arrangement as the audio track.

There are some timing differences between the audio track and the MIDI file (they were created separately, obtained from different sources). So when I import the MIDI file the measure marks cannot coincide with the beats in the audio recording straight away. I know there is the Warp tool where the measure marks can be moved. BUT I remember from my previous Cubase 7.5, that simply only moves the measure marks, not move the MIDI notes/events accordingly.

I am now using Cubase Pro 11 Trial. Is it possible with 11?
If so, how?

Thank you.


You can Detect tempo of the Audio source. This will create the tempo map. The MIDI data will follow the tempo map after.

Ah yes. I see. I shall try that!
Thank you.