Cubase 11 how to setup instrument cable to USB into Cubase?

Hi all,

pretty new to recording in general so any help is appreciated. How can i go about setting up an instrument to USB cable that is plugged into my laptop which runs cubase 11? i’m trying to record some guitar but my computer just wants to use the built in mic. how can i change this? i’ve attempted to change my default audio device on my PC’s setting but to no avail.

I am on windows 10 and the USB is just going straight into my PC if that helps.


Press f 4 and see if your device is available on the input connections tab. That’s the first step.
If so, then are good to go to the project window, and add track. Your device should come up on the list.
If not, then you’ll need a device with a driver.

I believe you’ll need a USB interface between your instrument and your computer.

ok, did think i’d need an interface of some kind but just wanted to ask if it was totally necessary

What exactly are you trying to connect to your pc? I mean, the other end of the USB cable… what device is connected there?


A guitar. apparently i have to get an interface first though

If you are in the market for a pedal have a look at those that also act as an interface. I use my Digitech RP 1000 pedal as a USB interface and it works great. Two birds.