Cubase 11 important feature requests

When adjusting automation with the range tool or with handles, please show automation values on left/right points (as you currently when adjusting a single point). Currently the only way to make accurate automation moves with the range or handles is to select the left/right points and then use the info line, which creates mutliple unnecessary steps and significantly slows down automating. This often means

  1. Select range tool
  2. Select range to create handles
  3. Move range to be able to select the new L/R points
  4. Select object selection tool
  5. Enter values into info line

You could offer that you could simply do it by ear, but without fine increment mode, that is not possible, and because the response is then relative to your tracks zoom level, there’s no solid foundation to adjust in this way. If an artist has a list of specific automation moves by exact amounts, not having the values visible on the points that are being moved becomes a significant issue.

Please add fine increment/adjustment mode to adjusting automation all automation lines and points (and tempo changes). Not having this option makes automating accurately so much slower.

Please include the option to graphically show auto fades!

Please show positive clip gain on events, not just negative