Cubase 11 - initializing problem

Is there any way how to disable (probably) all network places scanning during Cubase 11 Pro starting? Even if I did the Cubase installation on my notebook disconected from any network (ethernet/wi-fi) the couple of start-ups were fine (i.e. quick and without problems) but as soon as (probably) Cubase scanned all connected network places later on (yes - I had to be connected due my work issues etc.) the start-up became really frustrating. I think this has to do anything with the fact I use couple of different wi-fi networks so not all network places are available at one particular moment. And Cubase stops and wait…during Studio initializing…after approx 10mins waiting during Content initializing…terrible. Removing network places from MediaBay did not solve this issue (they are still there - dunno why). I cannot imagine I run Cubase connected to any other network and after that Cubase will trying to find out any place from that network every time I start it up in the future… Is there any working solution for this behaviour or not? Thanx for any hint :slight_smile: Pavel

EDIT: if I switch through the networks I have at home (I was installing/working with Cubase just only here) the starting process is quickier - so it looks like if I change wi-fi to another net at any “freezed” point Cubase finds all it needs and goes through consequent initializing points until it likes to find anything what is unavailable at that network…I change wi-fi again and this repeats untill Cubase starts OK… :-1:

Hi and welcome,

Do I understand you right, you mean the MediaBay scanning?

What do you mean by:

Are there visible or are there enabled?

Would the Scan Folders Only When MediaBay Is Open option disabled help?

Hi Martin, thanx for reply. I will monitor the behaviour with the preference you had mentioned disabled (I forgot to try that prior I opened this thread). And to your question - I mean this:

The network places are still there - even if I remove them from the database. I think they are not part of the list only when my notebook is connected to another network (upon which these places are not visible). As soon as I switch wi-fi network to that one with the listed places, they appear in the list again.



Aren’t these folders in your Favorites folder by any chance?

As far as I can see, the FX Chain Presets and other presets folders are mentioned. Didn’t you install Cubase to this net drive originally? Or wasn’t the drive somehow involved when you did install Cubase?

Maybe Cubase reinstallation could help then.

Hi, no - they aren`t (I did not work with MediaBay in any way). The installation (for the second time - we spoke about that on e-mails) was performed upon offline notebook (i.e. I switched the wi-fi completely prior starting the installation process).
Disabling the preference from previous post actually helped; the only small “spend time” is in the phase “Studio Manager initialization”. The starting of Cubase takes actually 1min approx (comparing to 20+mins last few days this is nice result :-D). Maybe the actual behaviour is normal - my notebook is i3 based platform so nothing special.
No network drive had been involved during installation (in any of the two attampts).
If I find any radical change in this behaviour I will post a reply. Actually it could be marked as “solved” so thanx anyway :slight_smile:


Be aware, i3 is not supported processor for Cubase anymore. Please double-check the
System Requirements.

Ooooops :smiley: well - I really did not checked that, my fault :blush: :innocent: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hmm - can`t see i3 is out of support; minimum is “i family” but i5+ is recommended. But new notebook will arrive during couple of months I think so it will be either i5 or i7 I think.