Cubase 11 instability issues

at this point this huge list of old bugs fixed all at once (amazing bugs too) pretty much signals to me there will be stuff broken that isn’t broken at 11.0.0. Nothing I have issues with are addressed.
def. not paying for a point 5.

I may have sorted one instability issue, on OSX Catalina turning the graphics card auto-switching OFF has reduced crashes by like 90%, Today is one of those days, though. EG: abort a render, hangs, restart and no audio sounds. Real basic problems all day. playback after a simple edit in a range, crash #10.

I think it would be good if coders used the thing like ever, Certain choices simply cannot have been made by people with the first clue about usage. This goes back a ways, too.

I have absolutely zero use for the safe mode forced on me by crashes. It’s not the bleeding preferences, I can guarantee that from experience. And it manages to lose preferences any way you cut it by this. Sick of stupid defaults forced on me, ergonomically I want to go back to before version 9 at all, when the culture seems to have taken a disastrous turn and stupid useless thungs are now built in all over.

So %90 of your issues were computer side, not Cubase side?

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why are you putting words in my mouth? Maybe 90% of crashes - this is not more than a vague estimate BTFW - may have been this but I’m not someone to be confident that correlation = cause. I described many other issues I’m having but do see if you can cherry-pick whatever is convenient for your purposes of gaslighting and seeing if that works to damage one’s credibility.

ZERO PERCENT of my crashes today can be correlated thusly. I do believe I have already gone into it.

I’m really being restrained here not to get personal, but you do this every time, obtusely and crassly.

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so absolutely NO, read the post : I may have sorted one instability issue
I have all kinds of issues that cannot possibly be my hardware.
I mention that as a possible information of value should someone else seems to correlate an unstable application with that feature of the OS. If it is the case - note very well the care with language done to avoid interpretation such as was just done - I think ideally it should be a known issue.

But speaking of correlation, 10.5 was just stable, on this hardware and I didn’t have a particular concern about the switching, my eyes are not great. Exactly at 11.0 the entire experience when into the crapper with no change in the hardware at all.

Hey @civilization3,

Could you please upload some of the crash logs? Our team would like to check out what is going on your system!


Cubase cannot handle the best of the best with one of the best processors of 2020. The software is flawed and needs to process high workloads more efficiently.