Cubase 11 instalation problem

The aplication was terminated with an error while executing following file……
Crash my Mac all time i cant run cubase 11
I delate all and reinstalled but nithink


Did the installation crash or executing Cubase is crashing?

If the second one, share the *.crash file, please.

executing cubase crash…for first time Halion se crash your mac i dalate the halion, now star diferent files…i will send tomorow the crash file, and never start…i update from cubase 9…and i delate id

Cubase 11_2022-02-05-003420_gezims-MacBook-Pro.crash (73.7 KB)

they are a lot of them same files


Could you try to delete all Chubase preferences folders, please?

I will try

i try but nothing, its crash all time. i install it on PC work great
i try to install from the start evrythink still crash on Mac

High sierra op system


I see… This is the issue. Cubase 11.041 is not compatible with maOS 10.13. There is one component (VST Transit?), Which is crashing. Install Cubase 11.0.30, please, out update your system.

Or had been discussed many times here in the forum, already. Search for the thread(s), please.

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Thanks…wher to finde cubase 11.30 it is aome link

I finde the link
Can i install other components aftes install cubase 11.0

I install cubase 11.0 and it work now…still finde this eror but cubase run well and open proyects
Thanks….can i install instruments now from 11.40?


Don’t install 11.0.40. It’s also not macOS 10.13 compatible.

Thanks alot you help me :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Its all ok can tou halp me with sonic see…i cant install it the sound I installed but instrument no!!