Cubase 11 Installer Does Nothing

I’ve just bought Cubase 11. I’m installing to an offline machine, so I downloaded everything, put it on a portable HDD, and am installing from that. When I double click on the installer for the main app, it does bring up the usual window asking if I want to allow Cubase to make changes on my machine. When I click ‘yes’ it briefly brings up a window that says it’s decompressing files from the installer. This then vanishes, and nothing ever happens again. I left it for about an hour, in case something was creating a logjam, but absolutely nothing happens. Anyone encountered this?

maybe it was corrupted when you downloaded ?

It’s possible - though the file appears to be exactly the right size, and a corrupt installer normally tells you it’s corrupt, rather than pretending to start work.

I totally agree - I’ve not seen any other reports of that issue though.

Windows (version?) / mac ?

Windows 7 - 64bit. Not entirely sure whether it’s on the latest service pack. I did do some manual updating, some time ago, but I don’t put the machine online, so auto-update is turned off.

maybe not relevant but I don’t think Win7 is supported any more ? - maybe try installing in compatibility mode ?

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No - I think it probably is relevant. I assumed that the lack of support for Win7 simply meant that official support was withdrawn, and that you used it at your own risk. But now I’ve done some searches for threads about Win7 and Cubase 11, it seems that the installer deliberately won’t do anything in Win7. Several people in those threads had installed on Win10, then copied the folder to a Win7 machine, and messed with the registry a bit. Fairly sure I’m not going to do that though. Might be time to relegate my DAW to the role of a Vienna slave, and get a Win10 machine. Thanks for your help.

oh well - I know it’s not great news but Win10 is much improved in many areas over Win7 - even on the same hardware. (I know many don’t agree with this but it is true !) so it might have done you a very backhanded favour :smiley:

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