Cubase 11. Is a rough quantize a randomize quantize?

Hi all.

I recently updated to Cubase 11, and I have a question.

I tried to use the randomize quantize function for natural grooves.
But I couldn’t see the previous version of ‘randomize quantize’, so I looked it up and it probably changed to ‘rough quantize’. (Is that right?)
But even if I use the rough quantize in the MIDI window, it’s only accurate.
Has anyone used it before?

Is it a bug?
Or did I ruin the function?

I don’t normally use it but this thread on the nuendo forum may help ?

I’ll try. But, I only use Cubase.

I know but the function is the same

Yeah~ Thanks.
I checked. I think it’s about this.

Allows you to set a distance in ticks, so that your audio or MIDI is quantized to random positions within the specified distance from the quantize grid. This allows for slight variations and, at the same time, prevents your audio or MIDI from ending up too far away from the grid.

The Cubase manual has the same explanation. It just doesn’t work.

Maybe you could post the exact settings in your Q window. Working correctly here.


It works for me here… Try with an extreme values, please.

I’m guessing this was solved by now, but it wasn’t working for me and then I noticed I had “soft quantize” checked, set at a value of 50%. I unchecked it and the rough quantize worked after that. However, it’s weird that soft quantize if it doesn’t let rough quantize make any changes at all. I mean I cranked rough quantize as high as it would go - 48 ticks, and nothing. 24 ticks (50% of 48) would definitely have been noticeable if it soft quantize had allowed that change.

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