Cubase 11: Jumping Jacks and Spinning Ball

Just installed C11 (update to 10.5) on macOS 11.4.
After the usual and never improving struggling to complete activation (thanks Steinberg for not mentioning one needs to enter the Download Code another time…), I was able to launch C11 and playback an old project.

However, after then struggling (force quit) the eLicencer Control center (another spinning ball for 20 minutes…), I am now unable to launch C11 and just get it to do jumping jacks and a spinning ball…

Now I have downloaded the latest version of eLicencer control (thinking this might be a clash between macOS Big Sur and an older version ( ???), but if I can avoid the entire circus again, I’ll avoid it … (I assume it would be advisable to first uninstall the eLicencer, before installing latest, right ? …)



With the new eLCC installation, you don’t have to activate the license again.

Please, make sure your plug-ins are up to date.