Cubase 11 key commands import issue

Hi! I’ve upgraded my Cubase 10.5 to 11 version a few months ago. Since then I can’t import my xml file with key commands. I did it successfully in previous versions by moving the file into applications/Cubase…presets/key commands but this one is different. That doesn’t work this way. Maybe it’s because of Mac OS big sure? What should I do? Help please!


What exactly doesn’t work, please? Can you copy the file, or does the system through any message?

Can you start Cubase after copying? Can you see your custom Key Commands in the Key Commands window?

Btw, during the very first Cubase 11 start (without the preferences folder), all Cubase 10.5 preferences should migrate to your Cubase 11, Key Commands including.

I installed Cubase 11 on a new laptop than I’ve copied my key commands file and inserted it into applications/cubase11/show package contents/contents/presets/key commands/my file xml with key commands.
I restarted the program and nothing changed. Cubase works. I tried to delete all xml files from the presets folder. Al of them preinstalled can be seen in key commands menu.
It’s not a migration. New comp and new installation.


This is not the right location. Paste the Key Commands.XML to the ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 11 folder, please.

Thank you very much!!! Awesome!! It works!!!